The Butte County Paranormal Society

Currently on hiatus due to COVID.

Debby started the Butte County Paranormal Society in 2017 when it became apparent that there is a plethora of paranormal activity in the county that is not being researched and documented. To fill this gap, the group was formed to research, document and assist residents and businesses that are experiencing paranormal activity. The area covered by the group includes Butte, Tehama and Glenn counties.

We educate the public about the nature of paranormal activities and for those who find the situation untenable we help them find professionals that can assist in moving on the anomaly.  We are open minded and entertain all theories and methods to find the truth. This is a growing science and not an exact one and every case is different.

We specialize in apparitions , hauntings, poltergeist activity and telepathic communications. Many of our researchers come from a background that includes exposure to very real paranormal events so we can  empathize with our clients.

If you would like the group to visit your home or business, lease contact us here.