I love cemeteries. They are quiet, usually clean and full of history. That's why I wrote my book Cemetery Art & Symbolism in North America, a 500+ page tome that took me two years to put together. This book is actually a reference for cemetery aficionados and cemetery offices alike. It includes graphics of most if not all the symbols you see on headstones, a description of the symbol and its meaning and a photo collection of symbols as they appear on headstones. It was a labor of love and I traveled all over northern California filming in cemeteries.

I am now contemplating a second edition entitled Cemetery Art & Symbolism in Europe which much the same format and structure and probably just a voluminous, LOL. It will take me more than two years to put this volume together and as much as I would love to spend those two years in Europe, I doubt that is feasible. But ya never know.

Cemetery Book

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