Graveyard Symbolism

I can’t remember exactly when I became obsessed with cemeteries but I remember where. It started when I found Greenwood Cemetery in south San Diego. This cemetery is gorgeous and the back part is full of monuments, tombstones, crypts and a great park like pond. This is where my beloved Angel of Death sits silently watching as the year tick by.

For my senior project working towards my Bachelor’s I created the 500 page nonfiction book entitled “Cemetery Art and Symbolism in North America.” This is a reference book that includes drawings and definitions of symbols used on headstones and tombstones and a chapter showcasing photographs of the symbols on actual tombstones. The volume also includes article on making rubbings of tombstones, preserving and cleaning monuments, etc. It was a lot of work to compile and as one cemetery director told me it is an invaluable reference for cemeteries and funeral homes alike. It also includes all Masonic symbols used in cemeteries.

This labor of love is a great addition to any taphophiles library. It is available through Amazon.

Cemetery Book

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