Haunted Doll

I had become intrigued with stories of haunted dolls so I bought one off Ebay. The seller was asking very little for the doll as they just wanted it out of their home. They claimed they had experienced a great deal of "strange happenings" since acquiring the doll at an estate sale.

When the doll arrived I did sense something when I removed her from the box. She was obviously very old and it had a strange smell, not just musty from age but also of heavy incense like the type used in high mass. The face was what really stood out. It was porcelain and yet had the most penetrating eyes and a look that I can only describe as unfriendly. Strange happenings started almost immediately. Steve and I kept thinking we would hear each other calling out, brand new batteries would die and at night I thought I heard someone moving around in the house.

After only a week, I put the doll back in the box it arrived in and took it out to the shed. The strange events stopped. And so I left her there for a few months, trying to decide what to do with her. I contacted a NorCal paranormal agency and asked them if they were interested in giving the doll a home and they were very interested. But went to retrieve the box from the shed, the doll was gone. Steve didn't move it and I hadn't seen her since I put her out there. Nothing else in the shed was missing and although you can't lock the old shed, it is on the back of the property where no one would have the nerve (I hope) to go back and rummage around in the shed.

We searched everywhere but the doll was just gone. So if you happen to be browsing on Ebay or going through thrift stores you might want to keep a lookout for a strange doll. Just don't take her home.

Haunted doll

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