The End of Summer

I love Labor Day for a very strange reason. It is the end of the tourist season at the Lake. Everyone will pack up and go home today. Traffic will die down and I won't have to worry so much about the deer getting hit. And I will have my woods back.

I live across the street from the state park with walking trails in three tiers that lead down to the lake. My favorite walk is on the second tier. The horse riders and bicyclists that visit usually on the weekends stay on the top path so I have the second path mostly to myself. I like walking in the early morning or just before dusk. I haven't managed the courage to go down after dark. There are predators in those woods and at night it is pitch black up here on the ridge.

But the woods are wonderful for getting back to nature, coming up with inspirations and new ideas or just listening to the rustling in the bushes and wondering what is in there. It's like my own spooky playground...

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