My First Steampunk Doll

About six years ago, I was in the Woodland Goodwill just before Halloween and I spotted a doll. She was lying on the floor, face down, completely nude, hair a mass of rats. I picked her up and studied her face which was very inviting and pretty. I put her in my cart and started down another aisle. That's when I came up with the idea of making her steampunk. I found some pieces of old costumes and bought those as well and headed home.

I worked feverishly on the doll, first cleaning her up and working on her hair. Then I began her costume. I seemed almost in a Beta state as I worked on putting her together.

Her turban was part of a pirate costume, her blouse is made of brown felt and crocheted trim.

Her skirt is also from the pirate costume and her boots I made out of the same brown felt as her top. I had some lace laying about for the skirt and blouse.

Her jewelry is leftovers I had from other projects. And the patch I bought on the spur of the moment but just seem to finish her off. In all, the doll and her costume cost me $9.50 to make. I have been offered $150 for her when I was showing her off in Davis but I wouldn't sell her. She is a testament to what one can do with very little money and a lot of imagination.

Her bracelets are made from old rings I had lying about. The skull buttons I had leftover from another project. The "earrings" are actually secured to her turban as I didn't want to glue them on her ears.

Her scarf was on the remnant table for 50 cents and the necklace I picked up in a jewelry grab bag.

And here she is in all her magnificence! I call her "Desiree" and she was my Happy Halloween doll! I hope she makes you smile.

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