The Strange Case of the Diabolical Skulls

A mother of a friend of Steve's from Esparto died abut four years ago. His parents had lived in the same house on about ten acres for over fifty years. When Steve helped his friend clean out the attic of the house, they were amazed at what they found.

There were boxes of ancient books on black magic, the paranormal and the occult. There were old pieces of furniture with strange carvings on them, including a dusty wood chest. In the chest was the following pieces.

The first was what we called the vampire skull. As you can see it is a real skull on a black base with vampire like incisors installed. The skull is male and Steve's friend had no idea from where it came.

vampire skull

The second item was the demon skull. This was very strange as the "horns" seemed to be growing out of the skull and yet appear to be from some animal. This skull too was a human male and very real.

demon skull

The third items from the chest were even more chilling. They appear to be human bones and there was also an articulated spine but we didn't get any photos of it.

To this day we have no idea where these items originated or to whom they belonged. We sold the vampire skull on Ebay along with the bones and spine and gave the demon skull to a local tribe as we were told it could be a tribal item. I had them in my home for about two weeks and they made me feel very unsettled and strange. These were, after all, real living people at some point. I do have animal artifacts (skulls, bones, feathers, etc.) but human remains were not something I was prepared to house. But it was a fascinating two weeks!

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